Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're up and running!

My brother would be so proud...Tim...look...I have a blog...I have stepped into the 21st century...Now to start blogging.

First and most importantly I want to thank Olenka for my beautiful blog background and header. Didn't she do a wonderful job??!! She has been super sweet to work with and very patient with me...remember I said I was just stepping into the 21st century!

I have been pretty busy lately working on a couple of albums for gifts. One is almost complete, maybe another week. I am also mothering an orphan calf...gets a bottle twice a day. Her name is Olivia or as Seth calls her O-wiv-ia. He named her. Here is a pic I took of her this past weekend.

Notice the milk moustache or maybe I should say Here is another shot of my dau and my 2 grandbabies, Seth (3 this weekend) and Sion 10 months old and me...not my best side. We definitely were not dressed for

Well I am gonna run for now. I have got to get some work done. Talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

You are soo welcome! and those cows are soo cute!!! Welcome to the blogging world sweety!! ((huggs))

Dani said...

So excited about your blog :) Looking forward to keeping up with you!!

Jenn said...

Cute blog Cindy! Way to GO!

Turtle said...

Glad to see you here. You have reached a new level of geekdom. I am very proud! Anyway, it is good to see some familiar faces like the cow. We have cows down here too but they are central florida cows and they are nothing like north florida cows. We have tourist cows too. We yell at them and tell them to go home but they just look at us and chew their cud. They clog up all the good driving lanes. Congrats on the blog... you will never see life the same way again.
Stop by and see me at

Vicki said...

Congrats Cindy! I have really enjoyed my blog and I am as technologically challenged as you seem to be....

We have two calves for FFA that we have just wiened from the bottle..Well, I probably should say that Annie has done the work. They are fun!! Enjoy!

Esther said...

Cindy, your blog looks wonderful...Olenka did a great job helping you. :)