Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pink Zebra New Fall Catalog, Fragrances and an update

Hello Everyone!! Can you believe that summer is almost over?? Me neither...but I am so ready for some cooler temps and all of this rain to stop. We have had a wet summer, starting with Tropical Storm Debby that dumped 18-20 inches of rain in our area...can you say WET!! We lost bridges, roads and there are still houses that are underwater from flooding....sad. It is raining today and more forecasted for the rest of the week, so it will be a "catch-up-with-stuff-that-needs-to-be-done" week for me. First project is my blog...

Well School started yesterday around here for the kiddo's and 2 of my 3 grands headed to school this year. Seth is going into 1st grade and Sion started Pre-K. They both were up and ready to go...Sion was really excited...Seth not so much...lol. Ya know...he is an old pro at this school stuff. They both came home yesterday talking about new friends and Sion said that he was definitely going back today...Seth...well, not so sure...remember he KNOWS about this school stuff.
Whlie the bubba's were in school, mama and daddy took Miss Scarlett who is now 15 months old shopping to get some much needed clothes...you can tell by the look on her face that she wasn't a happy camper about this. Oh dear...a girl that doesn't like shopping?? You think this will change?? LOL
She is finally growing now...(the reason for the shopping trip) she had such a bout with awful reflux until she was 12 months old. She stayed below the "national averages" for height and weight up until her doctor's appt. last week. She has FINALLY caught up!!! She still looks tiny to me, but it sure hasn't slowed her down one bit!!

I had the privilege of attending Pink Zebra's very first Family Reunion (Convention) the first weekend of August. It was fun finally meeting some of my "sisters" and "crazy cousins" that I have only been able to talk to on the phone. Also met the owners, Tom and Kelly Gaines...amazing people...and the wonderful office staff. I am sooo proud to be part of this company and their awesome vision and amazing products. We were treated to 3 fun-filled days at the Omni on beautiful Amelia Island here in Florida. Oh, did I mention that I got to go for free?? Yep...earned my trip for free as a new Manager. Love it! We got to see our new fall line while we were there. Pink Zebra has out-done themselves!! WE have such an awesome Fall line. If you want a catalog and some samples...(Oh you just have got to smell the Pumpkin Bread and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie AND the Aspen Pine Sprinkles!!) just shoot me an email to cindy@sprinklespz.com and I will get a packet in the mail to you. We are still very new and looking for consultants for your area!! I would love to have you on my Dream Team, so if you would like info on that too, just email me. You can also keep up with what's new and going on by "liking" my Facebook fan page here. Here are a few pics of our new fall line.

Here is a pic of some of our new fall warmers...They are so nice and that pumpkin and turkey are too cute!!!
We also have Diffuser Decor now for our reed diffusers. Love these!!!
Visit my website here for more pics and info.
We also have a new promotion that started August 1st and runs through Feb 28, 2013. Want to win a free trip to Cancun??? Join my team! Message me for the details.Here is Septembers Promotion...of course these are two of my favorite fragrances that they will have on sale. Check them out!!
Well hubby just called and I have to run an errand for him...so much for staying home today...but at least I did get my blog updated. Don't forget to stop by my Facebook Fan page here
and look around.

I will talk to you soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Making a memory...

OK...we are in Tropical Storm Debby's path...it is raining...lot's...6 inches now, so far...yes, we are wet! I've got a question for you...When is the last time you played in the rain with your kids or in my case grandkids??? I was walking Sion my 4 yo grandson back to his house and yes through massive puddles in the yard...it looks like lake front property...anyway, he spots some earthworms in the water puddles..."On Na-na, they will drown", so guess what we did...yup...we rescued swimming earthworms. Lot's of them. They are now safely tucked in my garden that is still above sea level...not sure for how long. Oh did I mention while doing all of this another band or rain came...and dumped on us hard...yes...we were soaked...Making a memory!! Love being able to be home and do this with my grandkids...Thank you Pink Zebra!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates...and oh yea...Anyone Love Freebies??

As most of you know, I am with a new company called Pink Zebra Home. It's really fun introducing all of our brand new goodies to other folks.

I have been with Facebook for a while now...probably 5 or 6 years. I was with Facebook before Facebook was cool...lol...well now I have a new Facebook fan page here. I am working on building my fan base so this is what I am going to do. Stop by my fan page here . "Like" my page and leave me a comment that you have and I will enter your name in a drawing that I am having next Friday March 20th for a free jar of our wonderful Sprinkles!! You can also get your name in the drawing more than once by telling your friends to visit my page and "like" it and leave a comment telling me who sent them. Easy peasy? Easy Peasy!!

My grandbabies are really getting big...Na-na is not too sure she likes that. Anyway, I sat everyone down for a pic the other day. Just as I got ready to snap it, Be-pa (sitting to the right of them) said look at Na-na just about the time that I got ready to take the pic...well all three of them looked at him and this is what I got...lol
But...I didn't t give up!!! Okay, let's try this again...This time...Be-pa...shhhhh...
Okay...everyone look at Na-Naaaaaaaaaa!!!! (Rather loudly...)
Almost perfect...I'll take it!! Whew...even Jasper cooperated. I have a whole new respect for professional photographers!!

I have been jamming just a bit, well yes of course I am way behind, but I am catching up. Hoping to "jam" the post office next week with lots of envelopes full of jams on their way to their next stop! Here are some that have been finished up...my collection is really growing. Now I have to find a way to display all of these little works of art.

Well I have to run for now. Got lots to do. I will share more later. Don't forget to stop by my Facebook fan page here for a chance to win those Sprinkles! You can also visit my website here to see which scent you would like to have.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just had to share this...

Thanks to everyone who support mom businesses, small businesses and local businesses. And a special thanks to all of my Pink Zebra customers! www.pinkzebrahome.com/sprinkles

Sunday, January 29, 2012

ATC's, Cards and Pink Zebra...

Just a quick post with some updates. First off I have been Jamming a little bit with my yahoo group ATC Jams. If you are not familiar with jams, it is really quite simple. One person starts a set of 3 identical jams and sends them to a 2nd person, who "Just Ads More" and then passes them on to a 3rd person and she/he finishes up the set, keeps one for themselves and then sends the 2 back to person #1 to distribute. When a jam leaves you never know what kinda turn it is going to take on it's route...it is ALWAYS fun to see how they finally turn out. They are all little works of art! Sorry for the lighting on the first one...my camera flash would not cooperate.
Next is a couple of cards I made for a yahoo group that I am in called Friends that Scrap. There are about a dozen of us that participate in a birthday club. These 2 are on their way to 2 gals that have birthdays coming up. I used my cuttlebug embossing folder on the white for the dots and then a little bit of Springtime cardstock from Echo Park along with some ric-rack and ribbon. The button card was a printable I found online at Pinterest...oh, have you found Pinterest??? I have a brand new addiction...you MUST check it out. You can visit my boards right here. The button card is in my file titled "Print It". Anyway...the buttons on the card are from my stash.

Second I wanted to let you know that the first Pink Zebra Home Spring/Summer catalog will be available the first week of February...yaaaay! Here is a sneak peak of some of our new products. These are our new Shimmer Warmers. You have a one time purchase of a base and then you can purchase the different sleeves separately. I think there will be 7 sleeves in all this year...maybe more...who knows...lol.. Here I have wire, metal, bling and cracked glass to share with you. I always have scent samples and catalogs if anyone wants one, just let me know. You can also visit my site at www.pinkzebrahome.com/sprinkles.

Well I am going to close for now, but I will be back later with some more to share.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just a quick post...

Well, I just wanted to take a minute and post some ATC Jams that I have worked on. I just love doing these...it is really fun to be part of a 3 person team working on the same ATC. You never know what the card is going to look like when it finally comes back to you. I have been "Jamming" for a couple of years now. It is very addicting!! It has been a crazy busy 2 months...can't believe that it is Christmas already. I hope to get back to my scrapbooking, card making and ATC's after the first of the year.

I posted back in November that I had started a new business with a brand new company that just launched in September of this year (2011). Their name is Pink Zebra. It is so fun and exciting to know that I am one of the first ones with this company. Right now Pink Zebra has less than 200 consultants nationwide. There are still 14 states that we don't even have a consultant in as of yet.
The products are unique and wonderful and they only way this company can go is up!! Right now we are looking for consultants in the US. It is only $74 to join through the end of December AND you only have to sell/buy/use $150 every 6 months to stay active!! The hostess program is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I have free samples of Pink Zebra Sprinkles, just message me with your addy and I will get some in the mail to you. Our Sprinkles work with the other lighted warmers/simmer pots that are out there. You can also design your own candles with one of our glimmer kits and 2 jars of Sprinkles. Mix and match scents and colors...oh and did I mention...the smells are soooo yummy!

We will have a new catalog coming out in February/March. The beautiful warmer below should be in there. This is something new...one warmer with interchangeable sleeves! Great idea!! Bling up your room!!

Well I have to run for now...Christmas Dinner at my moms is waiting. I will talk to you soon!

From my house to yours...Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderfully blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011