Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates...and oh yea...Anyone Love Freebies??

As most of you know, I am with a new company called Pink Zebra Home. It's really fun introducing all of our brand new goodies to other folks.

I have been with Facebook for a while now...probably 5 or 6 years. I was with Facebook before Facebook was now I have a new Facebook fan page here. I am working on building my fan base so this is what I am going to do. Stop by my fan page here . "Like" my page and leave me a comment that you have and I will enter your name in a drawing that I am having next Friday March 20th for a free jar of our wonderful Sprinkles!! You can also get your name in the drawing more than once by telling your friends to visit my page and "like" it and leave a comment telling me who sent them. Easy peasy? Easy Peasy!!

My grandbabies are really getting big...Na-na is not too sure she likes that. Anyway, I sat everyone down for a pic the other day. Just as I got ready to snap it, Be-pa (sitting to the right of them) said look at Na-na just about the time that I got ready to take the pic...well all three of them looked at him and this is what I
But...I didn't t give up!!! Okay, let's try this again...This time...Be-pa...shhhhh...
Okay...everyone look at Na-Naaaaaaaaaa!!!! (Rather loudly...)
Almost perfect...I'll take it!! Whew...even Jasper cooperated. I have a whole new respect for professional photographers!!

I have been jamming just a bit, well yes of course I am way behind, but I am catching up. Hoping to "jam" the post office next week with lots of envelopes full of jams on their way to their next stop! Here are some that have been finished collection is really growing. Now I have to find a way to display all of these little works of art.

Well I have to run for now. Got lots to do. I will share more later. Don't forget to stop by my Facebook fan page here for a chance to win those Sprinkles! You can also visit my website here to see which scent you would like to have.


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